Creating an Art Gallery Wall

I started collecting art in a very small way several years ago.

Initially, I displayed my pieces side by side, leaning against the wall on top of my bedroom chest of drawers.  Over time, I needed to overlap them a bit as I made new acquisitions.

About three months ago I looked at them and said to myself:  This is ridiculous!  I really need to hang them and I’d love to do a gallery wall.

I thought I’d share my seven step process because it was pretty easy and I had great fun doing it.

Step one:  collect the pieces you want to display (I initially forgot one that was hiding in a closet and had to start over.)

Step two:  place your pieces on the floor and rearrange them until you find an overall display that pleases you (take your time and think about lights and darks, small vs large, frame color and texture, and balancing vertical and horizontal shapes.)


Step three:  replicate the dimensions of each piece using any paper at your disposal (I used plain white inkjet paper but brown paper bags work great too.)

Step four:  using painter’s tape, affix your paper replicas to your wall to duplicate your arrangement (step back and look at it from across the room to make sure you like it and adjust as necessary.)


Step five:  hold each piece, one by one, against its white paper replica and clearly mark where the nails need to go (I used a black sharpie.)

Step six:  hammer the nails right through the paper where you made your marks

Step seven:  hang each piece over the paper to make sure it’s in the right position (make any final adjustments, remove the paper and voila!)

I love my gallery wall and enjoy looking at it before I go to sleep each night and when I wake up every morning.

Leave me a comment if you want to know about any of the artists on display!




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