Delicious Desserts!

I love making homemade pies for family gatherings and parties.  For the 4th of July, I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie from an old Martha Stewart recipe.

The hardest part of pie making for me is the crust!  My biggest tip is don’t let it intimidate you.  If the crust breaks into pieces while you are rolling it out, don’t worry.  You can overlap the pieces in the bottom of the pie dish and NO ONE WILL KNOW!

I also don’t stress about the lattice top.  Sometimes it comes out neat and orderly. Sometimes it’s more of a mess – but that’s real and it’s homemade after all.

My mom made a sheet cake decorated as an American flag which was fabulous too!  I’ve attached a picture because it was amazing.

Flag cake

Take a look at my red, white and blue table for further inspiration.  And thanks, as always, for visiting!


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