The Forbidden Forest

I’m taking a fabulous 8 week online art class offered by Carla Sonheim.  The class is called Fairy Tale Summer.

We are learning to illustrate an old French tale called Blondine, Bonne Biche and Bon Mignon.  Like many fairy tales, it involves a forbidden forest.  Forbidden is also today’s daily post prompt and I was struggling to find something to write about today.

Here is my first spot illustration of Blondine’s carriage pulled by two ostriches as they leave the castle.  I’m using watercolor on Yupo paper which creates unexpected and sometimes magical effects.

I shared a practice version of the ostrich in a post a few days ago.

Thank you wordpress team and daily post gurus for today’s prompt!



4 thoughts on “The Forbidden Forest

      1. I suppose it’s like with anything!

        Someone equated writing everyday to the equivalent of working out a muscle. The more you work it out, the better you get. That’s why I’ve decided to write every day for the rest of the year!


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