Spotlight on… Carla Sonheim

Whenever I have a free moment from my business, I enjoy exploring mixed media art classes.

My favorites are through Carla Sonheim who I found through friends. She is based in Seattle and, while she does offer some in person classes, most are offered online.

Once you sign up and pay for a particular class, you join a private Facebook group where you post your work and get comments from her and other class members. Depending on the class, you get an email weekly, bi-weekly or twice a month with instructions on a particular drawing assignment or mixed media painting assignment.

The instructions include detailed steps in PDF form and fabulous videos where Carla demonstrates the lesson herself, step by step.

I highly recommend her both as an artist (quirky and fun) and as a teacher (supportive, enthusiastic and delightful)!

Here are some pieces I’ve done in her Fairy Tale class this summer.




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