Fabulous Food Photos

It seems everyone loves to photograph and post pictures of food.  While I enjoy doing that too, I also love to photograph fruit, veggies and other items at the market. Many grocery stores have taken a cue from Whole Foods and display their food beautifully arranged in baskets or overflowing in containers.  Sometimes the color … More Fabulous Food Photos

Supporting Friends

I do my own flower arrangements for my clients but I get my inspiration from a variety of florists across the Bay Area. One of my favorites is Anne Rizoulis.  Anne and I are old friends from our corporate days in specialty retail.  Anne branched out to do flowers several years ago and makes the … More Supporting Friends

Dramatic Light

As I progress in the Developing Your Eye photography class offered by Blogging U, I’m paying much more attention to light, light sources and how light adds drama. These pictures are from a trip to Hawaii several years ago and I think they are great examples of how dramatic light can be!


Yesterday afternoon I experimented with some new watercolor techniques. I had a few scraps of unused watercolor paper that I didn’t want to throw away. The green grasses in the featured image happened when I added more and more water to my green as I applied it on the paper. I love how the darker grasses … More Watercolors

Sunny Deck

One of my morning rituals is enjoying a delicious cup of coffee out on a warm and sunny deck. I took this picture at a neighbor’s house on a beautiful clear day.  It reads “warmth” to me which is today’s Developing Your Eye photo challenge. The sunlight, reflecting through the glass table, creates an interesting graphic … More Sunny Deck


In my event planning and design business, I gain inspiration from everything around me. The Bay Area is full of amazing sights including many beautiful bridges with the cityscapes they connect. In my quest for a photo that fits the architecture and monochrome theme of today’s Developing Your Eye photography class, I landed on this picture of the … More Architecture

A Pop of Color

When I’m gathering ideas for an event or a party, I like to scope out the environment and check out what equipment or props are already in place. I was visiting a new business in my neighborhood this week and took this picture of their outdoor deck.  The yellow chairs provide a cheerful pop of color in … More A Pop of Color


Today’s task in my Developing Your Eye photography class is to zoom in on your subject. I picked this photo from my most recent trip to Paris.  I was there on May 1st which is celebrated by giving your mother lilies of the valley. I love these flowers and indeed you need to zoom in … More Treasures